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DroidJack Android Crack – It is an Android remote management tool that allows a user to remotely control someone’s smartphone. It contains many functions that allow the user to access the remote smartphone and perform specific operations.

droidjack cracked 2022: It is the nature of RAT (Trojan horse management / remote access) tool for remote access, access monitoring and management tool (Java based) for Android mobile operating system. You can use it to completely remotely control any Android device infected with DroidJack from your computer. It comes with a powerful, functional and easy-to-use feature that enables attackers to take full control of the mobile phone and intentionally steal the victim’s private data.

DroidJack Android Keygen 2022 – It is a program known to be the best Android RAT that has the ability to hack all Android devices. Also, this software has a simple user interface that makes the user to use this software easily. Also, this software can hack the front or main camera in real time. This program makes piracy easy. This program can hack the latest version of Android for Android Pie. This software can also view these mobile phone activities.

DroidJack Rat is a remote management tool for Android that allows a user to control someone’s smartphone remotely. It contains many features that allow the user to access a smartphone remotely and perform specific operations. Download fully cracked droidjack.

DroidJack – Android Remote Administration Tool [Cracked]

DroidJack Crack There is nothing that you can do with a PC, and you cannot do with an Android phone. Since the strength in the hand has grown a lot, this strength also needs to be controlled. DroidJack is what you need for that. DroidJack gives you the ability to control your loved ones’ Android devices with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and all the features you need to monitor. Create a custom APK file or link the payload to an existing APK such as a game or social media app. Download droidjack full version for free.

DroidJack Crack originally known as SandoRAT by Symantec, is an Android Trojan horse supposedly created by previous Android application developers. SandoRAT was first sold on a hacker forum and then used in cyber operations targeting Polish bank users in August 2014. Since then, it has become the DroidJack Trojan horse and is now sold on their website. for $ 210.

Droidjack for PC free download has similar features to other Android RAT programs, including the ability to copy files between device and computer, view all messages on device, listen to phone calls, view all contacts, listen live or record audio. From the device’s microphone. The device, control the camera, view the technical information of the device and get the latest GPS location of the device.

DroidJack Crack In July, the 2020 cracked droidjack malware was detected in the Pokemon GO Android app via unofficial installation methods. by August, it was reported that DroidJack was distributed via major carrier services (OTT), including Microsoft’s Skype and WhatsApp on Facebook. In this campaign, DroidJack spread via SMS text messages sent by an anonymous OTT operator to subscribers of the service. The SMS contains a link to the APK file that tricks the user into clicking a malicious link.

About the DroidJack Remote Management Tool for Android

Looking for the best Android remote management tool? If yes, you might know that there is a powerful RAT available for Android known as droidjack cracked. This software is mainly used to monitor the Android phones of the victims. Today, the most widely used operating system is Android. It is the most advanced software that can control the entire Android device or the victim easily. With one click.

DroidJack Crack Now this program can control the latest Android update that takes Droid Jack download to the next level of Android hacking tool. This program can hack any Android device using only what you need to do. It is to create a payload using this program and then send or install the payload on the victims device using their brains. Then you will be able to access the device completely using this program.

DroidJack Crack is a remote Android Trojan horse (RAT) that hacks any Android phone and turns it into a zombie targeting attackers. It comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and a $ 210 license. It has a built-in APK tool to create custom APK files based on the goal. File explorer, SMS tracker, call manager, contact thief, GPS location, recording modules, camera and microphone, dedicated app installer to gain stability. This video explains how to configure and operate it.

Looking for an Android remote management tool? Here is DroidJack APK Free Download in its full version. This is a closed source RAT application for your smartphone. It allows you to control and monitor multiple devices simultaneously from a simple central interface.

Download DroidJack RAT v4.4 Cracked version

It gives you the ability to control your Android devices with a simple graphical user interface and the necessary functions for monitoring. You can create a custom APK file or link the replay download to an already available APK such as a social media app or game hacking apps. Now you can get version 4.4 at no cost. DroidJack Apk Free Download gives you the power to control the Android devices of your loved ones with an easy to use graphical user interface and all the functions you need to monitor. It contains many advanced functions that you can perform through a remote smartphone. DroidJack is one of the best lists as it also has the functionality to read / write WhatsApp messages.

Law enforcement agencies across Europe have searched multiple homes as part of an international crackdown on this notorious piece of Android malware, according to Naked Security from Sophos. This could be your ticket if you want to keep track of someone’s activities and movements. DroidJack Cracked Free Download allows users to remotely control someone’s Android device without notification, read emails, browser history, record private conversations, text messages, and track the user’s physical location.

Droidjack is a remote access Trojan horse (RAT). If you’re a jealous partner or thinking of stalking someone’s activity and movements, DroidJack could be the ticket, because it allows you to remotely control someone else’s Android device without them noticing, recording private conversations, reading emails. or browser history and text messages. In addition to tracking your physical location.


Perhaps the news that the police have raided and searched at least thirteen homes in a pan-European investigation would make some potential DroidJack buyers think twice.

Actions have reportedly been taken in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, targeting people who have purchased and used DroidJack since 2014. According to the BBC News report, searches have also been conducted in the United States.

To be clear, the action does not appear to have seen cybercrime investigators stalk and arrest the perpetrators of DroidJack, instead taking a closer look at the people who bought the software and used it to spy on others.

Droid Jack download 2022 While most of us would like the perpetrators of this malware to be punished in some way, it is also clear that it is important to discourage those on the other side of the supply and demand chain.

droidjack cracked Of course, just because it is technically possible to do something doesn’t mean you should, and you shouldn’t be affected by an online store trying to lure you into intruding on other people’s phones and private communications. Moreover, installing malware like this on someone else’s smartphone without their permission violates computer misuse laws in many countries around the world.

DroidJack Crack This isn’t likely to deter someone driven by a twisted passion like jealousy, of course …

droidjack crack

DroidJack Android Crack Version 2022

If you ever find yourself moving in the direction of doing something illegal and exploiting it to intrude on someone else’s behavior and violate their privacy, please think carefully. You are at risk of falling into a downward spiral, which could end with your home being raided by the police and potentially being the recipient of the legal process.

DroidJack Crack It is easy to imagine how an abusive party could use such software to monitor their persecuted partner’s online activity, and prevent them from seeking help.

Droidjack is a remote access (RAT) Trojan horse. If you are a jealous partner, or are thinking of stalking someone’s activity and movements, DroidJack might just be the ticket – because it allows you to remotely control someone else’s Android device without them noticing it, logging private conversations, reading emails, or browser history. Text messages, as well as track their physical location.

DroidJack crack features:

Included APK tool

  • Link your server APK to any other game or application.
  • APK encryption using AES / DES / TDES / Blowfish algorithms
  • Rename the APK package name
  • Remove unwanted features and permissions from the APK


Voyager file DroidJack Crack

  • Explore files
  • Download file / folder
  • Delete files
  • Upload file / folder
  • create a folder

Trekker SMS

  • Delete SMS
  • Read the conversations
  • Write short messages
  • Send an SMS

Contact manager

  • Read call logs
  • Delete call logs
  • Make calls
  • Record a call conversation *

Contact Browser droidjack cracked

  • Read contacts
  • Write your contacts
  • Delete contacts
  • Add contacts …

Eyes far away DroidJack Crack 

  • Take a picture from the front / back camera
  • Record video from front / back camera


Ears are far off

  • Listen to the microphone lively
  • Microphone recording


  • View browser history / bookmarks
  • Open link using browser / silently

GPS locator

  • It gets the latest GPS location scan of the device and appears in Google Maps.

Toaster message

  • Toast the flash message on the device

Application manager

  • Read installed applications
  • Open the app
  • Get the app currently running

Detailed information DroidJack Crack

  • Get the IMEI number.
  • Now Get your Mac’s WiFi address.
  • Get a mobile phone holder.
  • Check if the device is rooted.

droidjack Rat Free Download

Key Features of DroidJack Crack :

  • Incognito mode to hide your app from the device launcher.
  • No root access needed !!
  • Use it quite easily just like using your phone in your hand !!
  • Install any APK and update server!
  • Get screen idle time and currently running app in real time on the main panel screen.
  • Dynamically make app visible / invisible, disconnect device permanently, change dynamic and port DNS dynamically.
  • Turn on WiFi / Mobile data remotely when device is offline
  • Get detailed information about the device (carrier, phone number, country, root permissions, etc.)
  • Whatsapp Manager (read whatsapp messages *)
  • Make the application non-removable even after a factory reset *
  • DroidJack server update / APK installation remotely.
  • App Name Changer – Select your own name for your app to avoid suspicion!
  • Dynamic DNS / IP & Server Port Update – Helpful when you change your dynamic DNS or IP!
  • Customizable theme for your customer!
  • Call the manager to use calls about things.
  • Connect to a browser.
  • It also records far eyes to take photos from the front or back camera.
  • Remote ears to listen directly to the microphone.
  • GPS is another GPS device for the victim.
  • Read installed APPS application manager.
  • Detailed information Get your IMEI number and more.
  • Read the messages.
  • Spy calls.
  • Contact Explorer.
  • Remote camera to capture video and photos.
  • Remote microphone to spy on conversations.
  • Check browser history.
  • Get a GPS location.
  • Complete phone and app information.
  • Full incognito mode.

What’s new in DroidJack Cracked 2022:

  • Other bug fixes
  • Improved interface

System Requirements:

Java runtime environment
1 GHz processor
Works with all versions of Windows.
You only need 50 MB of space

DroidJack Crack LAN connection

1) Enter your computer’s IPV4 LAN address (type ipconfig in CMD and use IPv4 address) in dynamic DNS and port (example: 1337) in port during APK creation.
2) Listen to the port you chose (1337) on the DroidJack.
3) Make sure no other program is using port (1337) and port 1334 (default).
4) Install the APK on your phone and open the application.
5) Connect to the same local network that your computer is connected to via WiFi or any LAN mode.

Stay safe from DroidJack Crack

  1. Don’t open unknown links.
  2. Don’t trust developers / authors who don’t have a good reputation. Do your research.
  3. Check all the permissions obtained before installing any application.
  4. Go to settings and you will see a permission option. Take a look and remove permissions for apps that don’t belong to you
  5. I know.
  6. Just keep everything in mind as no one can hack your phone unless you allow it. Simple enough.

DroidJack crack download free alternatives

AndroRAT and SpyNote are the most competitive alternatives to Droid Jack available online. Both applications are developed on similar platforms and frameworks.

How to install DroidJack crack Free Download ?

  1. In the first step, you need to download it from the link below.
  2. Now make sure it works as expected, ie. It does not lock so you can learn to use it without problems.
  3. To run the tool, Java must also be installed on your system.
  4. After that, you need to open the application.
  5. We have confirmed this so that the user can see where this file is.
  6. After opening this file, you will see that it asks for your username and password. The username and password are “admin”.
  7. Now you can see the following type of interface, which is very impressive. You just need to add 1337 there in the port number field and then activate the receive option. Then you need to click on the “Create APK” option.
  8. this is ; I finished. Just type the name of the application here, you can type any name like Apple, Microsoft, Pubg, MiniMilitia or whatever seems original. Next, you need to provide your DNS here, as well as the local IP address of your system. Enter 1337 in the Port number field.

Now DroidJack Crack

  1. Now an attractive option is also present. If you want to link the APK file to another file, you just need to type the path of that file here and then hit secure it with both files. Otherwise, just click Create.
  2. It is available in the same folder where you can find this program. Now you are supposed to send this file to the victim’s device with the help of social engineering and install it there.
  3. Once it has been successfully installed and the victim clicks that button, they will have victim sessions on their system.
  4. Next, you need to click on the graphic device option and you can check where you got the victim’s device from.
  5. Right-click on the device and you will see that there are several options available that can be used.
  6. For educational purposes we use two options here, which are Contact Manager and Application Manager, and you can see the results here.

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  1. Use this tool in a controlled environment where you have permission to do so. It is shared here for educational and informational purposes only. We will not be responsible for any damage you may cause when using this app.


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